Automobile Emergency Mobile Power Supply – Safe Jump Start Cars & Back Up Power for iPads, Tablets, iPhone, Android Phones & Laptops – for Travel, Camping, more

  • Light, compact external battery with plenty of power for the most demanding devices
  • Powerful and convenient vehicle jump starter with extra safe intelligent clamps to protect you and your batteries
  • Versatile – includes 4 USB adapters and 8 electronics adapters, vehicle clamps, recharge with included 110/220V 50Hz/60Hz AC adapter & 12V DC Vehicle Accessory adapter
  • Power level indicators & Super-bright LED flash light, with strobe and SOS modes, everything you need in a nice, zippered bag for safe and easy back up power on the go that you can depend on
  • New and already has a partial charge, comes with many adapter plugs, intelligent clamps, and a carrying case
  • Easy to start: In the case of 100% power below 4000CC, gasoling vehicles can be started 15-30 times continuously(otherwise, can’t be used on diedel vehicle or over 4000CC)
  • High security: using the high preformance polymer, the battery is in the characteristics of no fire breakingout and failed to explode, accompany you through the worry-free travel
  • Mini exquisite and portable, the battery, 1/5 volume is equivalent to specification lead- acidbatteries,only 500g weight, is daily life necessity of self-driving travel and outdoor sports
  • Powerful LED luminance system: general lighting,SOS distress signal and bright lighting
  • High temperature resistant products are stored between -20-60 for long time


Product Description

The highest capacity Jump Start Power Supply of this size! Perfect for when you need long lasting power for your mobile device, and when do you NOT need more power?? Also works as an emergency Jump Start for your car or small truck.

At 16800 milliamp hours, our battery has much greater capacity than an iPad Air or the largest Android tablets. This means it is great for when you are away from home. Take it traveling or on a camping trip, out for the day if you’ve forgotten to plug in your tablet overnight.

Is your power iffy in bad weather? Now you have a back up power source so you can operate your phone! And how great would this be when hiking? A super long life flashlight that doubles as an external battery for your mobile device. What about a signal beacon that lasts for days in the event of a disaster? It could truly be a lifesaver!

Have you ever left your headlights on or failed to replace a weak car battery in time? Even if you have jumper cables, it can be frustrating and even dangerous to ask strangers for help. With Winwin’s Jump Start Emergency Power Supply, you won’t have to beg for help. Just a quick connection to your battery terminals and you’re ready to roll again.

Our intelligent clamps mean you’re protected from the danger you may face with other jump start packs. If you connect something wrong, the LED doesn’t light and an overload is not possible. In other words, you don’t have to be a mechanic to use our Jump Start system. This is easy enough and safe enough for you to use.

Winwin brand Power Supplies are only sold by Winwin Products.

Capacity: 4000mah-20000mAh
Jump current: 300A/600A peak
USB: 5V 2.1A
Other: 12V 2A, 16V 3.5A, 19V 3.5A
Charge: AC 110V/220V, DC 12V Vehicle Plug
Charge: 2-3 hours
Stand by: 3+ months
Life: 3000 Cycles
Oper. Temp:32F – 130F, Storage:32F-85F