Generator Batteries are required to be float charged for long periods and deliver high starting current when called upon. Generator Batteries are manufactured as sealed, maintenance-free types or flooded plate types

Caring for Low-Maintenance Generator Batteries
These batteries require very little maintenance, but they do require periodic charging. To get the longest service life from your battery, keep it fully charged at all times or recharge it each time you consume about a quarter of its capacity. Battery World recommends that you keep the battery fully charged at all times to achieve maximum service life.

How do I know when my battery needs to be charged?
Measure the voltage of the battery with a digital voltmeter. If it measures 12.4 volts or less, you need to charge the battery. Check the voltage every three months to be sure the voltage remains above 12.4 volts.
Will the battery recharge while the generator is running?
Starting the engine discharges the battery somewhat, so the generator must run for some time just to replace the charge used to start the engine. Whether or not running the generator will keep the battery charged depends on:
• How often you run the generator
• How long you run the generator each time
• The charge level of the battery when the generator started
• The amount of charge required to start the engine
• The ambient temperature
• The age of the battery
Unless you plan to run the generator on a regular basis, plan to use an external charger to keep the battery charged.
We stock Generator Batteries for the following Engines;
Perkins, Cummins, Honda, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Deutz, and many more…