To meet the demanding requirements of military and aerospace applications that require high rate power, Battery World is pleased to offer the full line of Military Batteries, Homeland Security Batteries and Law enforcement Batteries.
We provide our customers with safe, reliable, high Quality Manufactured Marine Batteries. Battery World understands what it takes to keep your equipment powered under any conditions. We build mission-critical solutions engineered to exceed military and industry’s specifications.
Military operations are conducted with critical equipment and in some of the world’s harshest environments. Using world class cell manufacturers, our customized battery and power solutions help ensure success, mission after mission.
Designed specifically for applications such as avionics, navigation systems, ordinance fuses, missile systems, telemetry, electronic warfare systems, GPS tracking and emergency/safety devices, shipboard and oceanographic devices, Battery World Military Grade batteries are constructed with a carbon-based anode, multi metal oxide cathode, organic electrolyte, and shut-down separator for enhanced safety.
*Some of this Batteries are only sold in case due to certain shipping requirements*
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