Rolls Surrette Railroad & Locomotive Batteries

Their quality and workmanship is unsurpassed by any other battery manufacturer in the world. The seven and ten year warranties offered by the manufacturer demonstrate their confidence in their quality.

The heart of the Rolls Surrette battery is the thick high density positive plates. Each plate is wrapped in fiberglass matting which holds the active material in place and keeps the plate material from shedding off the plate during deep discharges. The mat covered plate is inserted into a micro-porous polyethylene envelope to insulate it from the negative plate and isolate it from impurities which may shorten its service life. This insulating technique omits the need for sediment chambers at the bottom of each cell since any sediment is captured and contained within the envelope. Subsequently, this allows space for taller plates which increases capacity and adds to battery service life.

Deep Cycle & Starting Batteries For Railroad Applications

  • Recognized for diverse railroads
  • Dual non-breakable container – eliminates breakage
  • Modular configuration – easier transporting, installation, and repairs
  • Moisture-tight outer container – eliminates moisture
  • Average life expectancy – 15 years
  • Warranted for 10 years