The Bosch S3 maintenance-free battery: where safety and durability meet

The S3 maintenance-free range is Bosch’s economical and basic battery. Suitable for vehicles that have low energy-consumption requirements, this battery can be used in a wide range of passenger and light commercial vehicles (EG mini vans and delivery vans) and trucks.

It provides the necessary starting power you can always depend on whilst also offering convenience of being maintenance-free.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Modern calcium technology and maintenance free
  • Best solution for conversion from conventional batteries
  • Combines high performance with a long life service and durability
  • Economical and ideal for conventional vehicles with fewer energy-consuming components

The Bosch Mega Power S3+ battery: 100% maintenance-free, yet ready to start

The Bosch Battery Mega Power S3+ features high-purity lead (99.99% Grade) and a micro grain grid structure to reduce corrosion and extend service life.

With its increased service life and a greater resilience in extreme conditions, the S3+ is the ideal battery for budget conscious consumers.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • 100% maintenance-free, thus it’s ready to install and ready to start
  • Suitable for installation in the interior of a vehicle
  • Wide application for vehicles with “bottom-hold-down” requirements (e.g. Korean vehicles)
  • Enhanced durability against high vibration and torque resistance
  • Flame arrestor which prevents spark entry and acid leakage
  • Charge indicator to check charging status



The Bosch S4 Mega Power Ca-Ca Battery: Ideal for a wide range of modern vehicles

Today’s vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, each with varying electrical needs. From electric windows and air conditioning to ABS systems and airbags, the demands on batteries have never been greater.

Bosch’s S4 battery meets these electrical demands ensuring a dependable supply of power at all times.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum safety with leak-proof, patented labyrinth cover and double backfire protection
  • Factory sealed and 100% maintenance free
  • High vibration resistance with internal flexible ribs
  • Suitable across a wide range of passenger vehicles
  • Provides up to 20% longer service life than a standard lead acid battery due to high density, expanded grid Calcium – Calcium technology

The Bosch S5 Mega Power Silver Battery: extra power and outstanding service life

Bosch’s S5 Mega Power Silver battery has been designed to provide a reliable source of power for even the most sophisticated and energy-hungry vehicles.

Specifically designed with Silver Alloy Technology, the S5 is the answer when the vehicle and the conditions demand the absolute performance.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Bosch Silver Technology for more power and extended service life
  • Powerful starting, even in extreme temperatures
  • Maximum safety with leak-proof, patented labyrinth lid and double backfire protection
  • Offers up to 30% more cold-starting power than conventional batteries with it’s stronger plate design and Calcium – Calcium technology
  • Safe and dependable power supply to vehicles running with multiple electrical systems (e.g. ABS, GPS navigation, including multiple ECU’s)

The Bosch S6 AGM Battery: for start-stop technology

S6 Batteries carry AGM technology (Absorbent Glass Mat), one of the top battery technologies in the market today. Thanks to its dynamic recharging capability-with up to 4 times the number of discharge/charge cycles compared to conventional starter batteries-the Bosch S6 with AGM technology meets the toughest requirements for today’s driving conditions.

Vehicles with start-stop systems need a battery which have a high deep cycle resistance and optimal charge acceptance. Failure to install the correct battery can result in vehicle system breakdown.

An AGM battery should never be replaced with a conventional battery.


Advantages of Bosch S6 Battery with AGM technology:

  • Constant power even for short distances
  • Power for stop-and-go traffic or high consumption with the car at a standstill
  • Up to 4 times higher deep-cycle resistance in comparison to conventional starter batteries
  • Acid is completely bound in microglass fiber mats
  • Excellent charge acceptance
  • Excellent cold starting power
  • Maintenance free (e.g. fully sealed and secured against leaks)
  • Original-equipment quality
  • Catalogue covering over 150 vehicle applications with AGM technology

Battery S-Series Brochure

Bosch S6 AGM Batteries

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