The alarms that are in your home will most likely be wired into (and powered from) the mains power, but are likely to also have a built-in battery back up to power the alarm if the mains fails.

Your emergency lighting, fire panel, or security system are only as effective as the battery in them. Don’t let a power outage place you and others at risk. ..When Battery World is only a phone call away!!


How Do You Know If You Need A New Battery? 

The first sign of alarm battery failure is usually a beeping or chirping keypad which will often occur at the same time. This is because many panels do their automatic battery test every 24 hours. Less commonly, a low battery condition can cause false alarms at random times throughout the day.

Almost all alarm panels will also display a keypad trouble light to indicate a problem. Keypads with LCD displays will print out “low batt”, “LB”, or something similar. Keypads with LED’s may need you to press a button or two for the lights to show the trouble condition.


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