Perfect power for all commercial vehicles

A large number of electrical consumers, long idle times and often also extreme temperature conditions push commercial-vehicle batteries to the limit. Bosch batteries ensure reliable power supply at all times. Thanks to advanced technologies, they are absolutely maintenance-free and feature a long service life- saving fleet operations both time and money.

Bosch T3 and Bosch T3+ Battery:


The Bosch T3 and T3+ is the economical choice for Light and Heavy commercial vehicles without heavy electrical loads

Bosch T4 Battery:

The T4 is a mid-range option, with high cranking power and capacity to cater for extreme conditions and demanding onboard accessories.

Bosch T5 Battery:

Specifically designed with Silver Alloy technology, the T5 surpasses international standards set by original equipment manufacturers. Even at extreme temperatures the T5 provides safe and powerful energy supply for highly sophisticated, energy consuming components.

Bosch T6 Battery:

The Bosch T6 features AGM technology (Absorbent Glass Mat) which is one of the latest technologies in the market today. Dynamic recharging capability and up to 4 times the number of discharge / charge cycles compared to conventional starter batteries means that the T6 with AGM technology meets the toughest requirements.

T Series Spec Sheet