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Our wide range of Alloy rims with tyres for all current cars, SUVs, Offroaders and light trucks as complete wheel with a tyre of your choice, fully mounted and balanced screws, caps and centering rings.Delivery will take approximately 14-21 working days. We take great care to offer you the best service possible and in the unlikely event of a supply shortage we will inform you immediately.


Alloy Wheels & Tyres

It’s no surprise that many of us opt for an alloy wheel and tyre package – a combination of sleekly-designed alloy wheels and high-quality tyres is one of the easiest ways to improve your car’s look and increase its value. Order yours today and benefit from our outstanding offers. The sheer number of tyre manufacturers on the market means that designing a wheel-and-tyre combo is a time-consuming process. We’ll help you out by filtering our selection to show you only those products that are legally approved for use with your vehicle: size, offset and bolt pattern all play a decisive role.


Wheel & tyre packages by car brand
                    alfa_romeo Wheel & tyre packages for Alfa RomeoItaly’s Alfa Romeo builds sporty vehicles for discerning drivers. The car manufacturer joined the Fiat Group in 1986.
 alpina Wheel & tyre packages for AlpinaThe Alpina brand is very popular among sports car lovers. The company offers tuned cars, based on BMW’s product line.
 aston_martin Wheel & tyre packages for Aston MartinA British manufacturer of sports cars rose to the challenge of building motorsports vehicles for common use in the early years of the 20th century.
 audi Wheel & tyre packages for AudiAudi manufactures premium class vehicles with a particularly sporty touch. Today Audi is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world, especially in the areas of middle class, upper middle class and upper class vehicles.
 bmw Wheel & tyre packages for BMWBMW, the German manufacturer of high-quality cars, has impressed drivers across the world. BMW itself is actively involved in the development of new tires.
 bmw_m Wheel & tyre packages for BMW MThe BMW M GmbH is a subsidiary of the car manufacturer BMW, and is responsible for the development and production of high-performance modifications of some BMW models.
 bentley Wheel & tyre packages for BentleyBentley is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury cars.
 cardillac Wheel & tyre packages for CadillacThe car brand Cadillac is part of the American automobile company General Motors that specializes in high-class cars. Until the 1970s, the brand was famous for its sprawling dimensions.
 chevloret Wheel & tyre packages for ChevroletThe car manufacturer Chevrolet was founded in the USA in 1911. Today, the company offers their respectable range of car models across the globe. Aside from small and large family cars, Chevrolet also offers sports cars, SUV-s and vans.
 chrysler Wheel & tyre packages for ChryslerA traditional American company with quite eventful history. In 2011, the Fiat Group has become the majority shareholder of Chrysler Group LLC.
 citroen Wheel & tyre packages for CitroenThe history of the Citroën brand began in 1919, when the first Citroën Type A went into production. Today the company is one of the major European car manufacturers. Models range from small to executive cars and transporters.
 dacia Wheel & tyre packages for DaciaDacia is a well-known manufacturer of particularly affordable vehicles. The company was founded in 1966, in cooperation with the French car manufacturer Renault.
 daewoo Wheel & tyre packages for DaewooDaewoo is a General Motors subsidiary specialized in small vehicles and compact cars.
 daihatsu Wheel & tyre packages for DaihatsuDaihatsu is known particularly for their small family cars. The manufacturer’s lineup is supplemented by some SUV models and various vans.
 dodge Wheel & tyre packages for DodgeDodge is a US automotive brand, a division of the Chrysler Group LLC. Dodge’s presence on the European market is mainly in the form of American imported vehicles.
 ferrari Wheel & tyre packages for FerrariFerrari cars are among the most spectacular vehicles ever built. The Italian manufacturer of sports and Formula 1 racing cars is 90% owned by the Fiat Group.
 fiat Wheel & tyre packages for FiatThe Fiat S.p.A was founded in 1899. Over the course of the decades, the Italian car manufacturer has grown into one of the largest car manufacturers. Fiat offers a wide variety of small vehicles and compact cars.
 ford Wheel & tyre packages for FordFord is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world and enjoys huge popularity across the globe. Their extensive lineup of cars covers all needs and expectations.
 honda Wheel & tyre packages for HondaHonda’s portfolio is comprised mainly of family cars. The Japanese company develops, builds and markets automobiles, motorcycles, marine motors, power generators and motorised equipment worldwide. Honda is also world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines.
 hyundai Wheel & tyre packages for HyundaiHyundai is one of the younger car manufacturers. The company was founded in 1969 and 8 years later started marketing their first cars. It took only a short while for Hyundai to become one of the top car manufacturers, and their cars are now sold worldwide. They specialize in family cars, vans, SUVs and sports cars.
 infiniti Wheel & tyre packages for InfinitiInfiniti is the luxury branch of the car manufacturer Nissan.
 isuzu Wheel & tyre packages for IsuzuThe Japanese car manufacturer Isuzu is known more for its specialized vehicles, such as ORVs and pick-ups, which is why their list of independently developed car models is rather short.
 jaguar Wheel & tyre packages for JaguarJaguar is a British multinational car manufacturer, specializing in sports cars and a splash of luxury. As these are mostly vehicles with high performance engines, they generally use 16 to 21 inch tyres.
 jeep Wheel & tyre packages for JeepThe Jeep brand stands for high-quality off-road vehicles, which live up even to the highest expectations. One of their most popular models is the Jeep Cherokee.
 kia Wheel & tyre packages for KIAKIA is the Number 2 car manufacturer in South Korea and markets its vehicles worldwide. Their extensive lineup includes everything from small vehicles to large family cars and vans.
 lada Wheel & tyre packages for LadaLada has long been Russia and Eastern Europe’s largest car manufacturer. Over time, they have cooperated with many other car manufacturers.
 lambo Wheel & tyre packages for LamborghiniThe Italian car manufacturer with the raging bull logo has been building limited edition sports cars since 1964, and in 1998 was integrated into the Volkswagen Group as part of the Audi AG.
 lancia Wheel & tyre packages for LanciaLancia was one of the early pioneers of car engineering and has always been a big name in rally racing. Part of the Fiat Group since 1969, and today they maintain a strong cooperation with the car manufacturer Chrysler.
 landrover Wheel & tyre packages for Land RoverWhen it comes to the development of high-performance off-road vehicles, Land Rover is one of the most famous and popular brands. Going for a Land Rover is very nearly unavoidable, for anyone who spends a lot of time driving off the road. The English brand has its roots in the development of solid agricultural vehicles, among other things.
 lexus Wheel & tyre packages for LexusLexus is one of the most famous manufacturers of large family and executive cars. The Lexus brand is part of the Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation and places a strong emphasis on driving comfort.
 mg Wheel & tyre packages for MGMG Motor is a British car brand. Following the bankruptcy of MC Rover, the cars are developed through the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation.
 maserati Wheel & tyre packages for MaseratiThe Italian sports car manufacturer with the trident emblem. Formerly a very successful independent brand of racing cars, Maserati has since joined the Fiat Group.
 mayback Wheel & tyre packages for MaybachThe Maybach-Manufaktur used to develop and sell luxury limousines as a subsidiary of the German Daimler AG. Maybach has since been replaced by the Mercedes S-Class.
 mazda Wheel & tyre packages for MazdaFrom small to large family cars, from sports cars to SUVs, Mazda has all car categories covered. Since 1959 when they sold their first model, the Japanese company has grown to be one of the world’s largest car manufacturers.
Wheel & tyre packages for MclarenThe McLaren Automotive Ltd produces limited edition high-performance sports cars under the umbrella of the McLaren Group.
 merc Wheel & tyre packages for Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz is one of the world’s most famous car manufacturers and a registered trademark of the Daimler AG. Mercedes places a large emphasis on driving comfort when designing their cars.
 mini Wheel & tyre packages for MiniMini is a brand of small economy cars developed by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and manufactured by various licensing partners (such as Austin, Morris or Rover) over the course of its history. The classic mini was an instant hit. Following the takeover by BMW, the Mini brand has been reimaged with new models.
 mitsubishi Wheel & tyre packages for MitsubishiMitsubishi is from Japan and is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, specializing mainly in small and large family cars. The Mitsubishi lineup also includes vans and SUVs.
 nissan Wheel & tyre packages for NissanAlthough the first cars of the Japanese manufacturer were marketed mainly in Australia, today Nissan exports its cars worldwide. The vehicle line-up includes both small and large family cars, as well as sports vehicles and SUVs.
 opel Wheel & tyre packages for OpelThe originally German (now operating under General Motors) car manufacturer Opel markets its vehicles not just in Europe, but also in countries such as China, Australia and Singapore. Customers appreciate the reliability the various Opel models offer.
 peugeot Wheel & tyre packages for PeugeotThe French car manufacturer Peugeot, having started selling cars in 1891, is the world’s oldest car brand. More recently, Peugeot has teamed up with Citroën to form the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group, which also behind the Volkswagen AG, Europe’s second largest car manufacturer.
 pontiac Wheel & tyre packages for PontiacPontiac was a brand under the US American General Motors Company (GM), until it was discontinued in 2010 when GM filed bankruptcy. Pontiac used to embody sports cars in the medium price segment, marketed at a younger target group. Particularly the Firebird Trans Am model enjoyed wide-reaching popularity, when it starred in a certain hugely successful American television series during the mid-80s.
 porsche Wheel & tyre packages for PorschePorsche, for many drivers, is the brand that embodies sports cars, having had their great breakthrough in 1963 with the Porsche 911. Porsche is also one of the few car manufacturers actively involved in tyre development .
 proton Wheel & tyre packages for ProtonThe Malaysian car manufacturer Proton was born in 1983 from a Japanese-Malaysian cooperation between Mitsubishi and Heavy Industries of Malaysia and has started production in 1985.
 renault Wheel & tyre packages for RenaultRenault is one of Europe’s bestselling car brands. With its comprehensive offer of various models, Renault has the perfect vehicle for all needs.
 rolls_royce Wheel & tyre packages for Rolls-RoyceAs a traditionally English brand, the Rolls-Royce has long time been the embodiment of luxury limousines. Particularly the radiator mascot, the trademark Spirit of Ecstasy, highlights a Rolls-Royce as a class of its own. After being acquired by the Volkswagen Group in 1998, the high-class brand was handed over to BMW in 2000.
 rover Wheel & tyre packages for RoverRover is a British car brand with a long and eventful company history. Their Viking warship emblem was designed in the mid-80s.
 saab Wheel & tyre packages for SaabThe Swedish brand Saab stands for reliable and high mileage executive cars.
 seat Wheel & tyre packages for SeatThe Spanish car manufacturer Seat was founded in 1950, and belongs to the Volkswagen Group since the mid 90s. They specialise in small and large family cars.
 skoda Wheel & tyre packages for SkodaThe Czech vehicle manufacturer Škoda was founded in 1925 with the union of Laurin + Klement. The car manufacturing branch of the company was acquired by the Volkwagen AG in 1991, which resulted in a very successful era for Škoda.
 smart Wheel & tyre packages for SmartThese small, compact cars are a brand of the Daimler AG and are very popular, particularly with drivers who travel a lot around town.
 ssangyong Wheel & tyre packages for SsangyongThe fourth largest South Korean car manufacturer SsangYong Motor specializes AWD and FWD vehicles. SsangYong entered into a technological partnership with Mercedes-Benz in 1991.
 subaru Wheel & tyre packages for SubaruSubaru is the worldwide largest manufacturer of four-wheel drive vehicles. In addition to powerful SUVs, the Japanese car manufacturer also offers small and large family cars.
 suzuki Wheel & tyre packages for SuzukiThe Japanese automotive company Suzuki was founded back in 1909 and they started developing designs for compact cars as early as 1937. Even today, Suzuki mainly specializes in small family cars, supplemented by some larger models, as well as various SUVs.
Wheel & tyre packages for TeslaThe California-based company Tesla Motors, Inc. specializes in electric cars and electric vehicle power trains. With the goal of building emission free cars, Tesla has manufactured some car models and sells various components to other automotive companies.
 toyota Wheel & tyre packages for ToyotaIn 2007, Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation rose as the worldwide biggest car manufacturer, with over 9,5 million sold vehicles. Their reliability in particular is appreciated by car drivers across the world. Their range of car models covers all categories and classes.
 vw Wheel & tyre packages for VolkswagenThe German automotive company Volkswagen is Europe’s largest car manufacturer, and ranks third worldwide. The parent company, the Volkswagen AG, sells passenger cars under Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, MAN, Porsche, Scania, Seat, Škoda and VW. A Volkswagen cult car of the 20th century was the the Volkswagen Beetle.
 volvo Wheel & tyre packages for VolvoVolvo is a Swedish car manufacturer that offers an extensive selection of large family cars, executive and luxury cars, as well as SUVs. Volvo cars are generally famous for their high mileage