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Car batteries often fail when you need them most. That’s why Battery world offers FREE DELIVERY and replacement of motor vehicle batteries.

We come to you within 50 minutes of your call, fit and check to ensure that your battery is well connected, correctly charging  therefore maximizing the battery performance.

You also get to choose from our wide variety of premium batteries which not only provides you with an option but also guarantees you of a top quality, genuine battery.

We stock Motor vehicle batteries for all makes and models. Click here to select the right battery for your vehicle.

Dead battery?  Don’t risk doing it yourself. Call us today on 0725 827 175 and let us have it delivered.

This service is available in Nairobi and Mombasa-Terms and conditions apply Other Battery Rescue Services Include:
1. Need a Jumpstart
Left your lights on? If your battery is flat we will jump-start your battery and get you going again. We have portable jump start kits that you can also opt to purchase and help a friend in need in future. No more jumper cables (They are just too bulky and tedious)
2. Run out of Fuel
Battery world will come to you and provide you with enough fuel to get your vehicle moving again. So don’t panic – just ‘holler’ and we’ll come to you when you need us most
3. Flat Tyre Change
Flat or damaged tyre? We will come to you and change over your flat or damaged tyre with your vehicles spare, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.
4. Key Retrieval
Locked your keys inside your vehicle? Don’t worry, battery world can access most standard vehicles to retrieve your keys.

5. Roadside battery & breakdown assistance
Why keep paying for traditional roadside assistance membership every year, when you don’t need to? Battery world has revolutionized traditional road side assistance programs with its new ‘PAY to Use Roadside Rescue Service’, that means no membership or roadside joining fees!
Who knows when one of those unforeseen breakdown situations may occur? Maybe you have a flat battery, locked your keys in the car or have run out of fuel? Simply ‘HOLLER FOR battery world rescue services’
There are no annual membership fees and no annoying roadside joining fees or waiting periods, so why pay a monthly fee for a service you are not using?
Call us today to receive a quote, prices are based on standard passenger vehicle stranded on a tarmac road during 7am to 7pm Monday to Sunday (excluding public holidays). Pricing may vary due to the type of vehicle and service option required.

Anyone can Holler for a Rescue – All you need is a credit card or Mpesa when the time comes. Our Battery Rescue services are available in Nairobi, and Mombasa – its pay as you go.
So what are you waiting for? Next time you need a Battery Rescue, HOLLER at battery world!
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